Blow molding - Specialist for the manufacturing of plastics packaging

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Design and manufacturing
Packaging Technical Parts

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Specific products
Personalized MANUPLAST ranges
Tanks, demijohns
Air and inlet ducts, resonators
Structural and protective elements
Tubes and Gaiters
Signal beacons, floats, buoys
Other products …

Tanks, demijohns
Parts and tools designed and completed on request:
Manufacturing, inserts over-moulding, machining, cutting, assembling, welding, silk-screening.

Materials: PE, PP, PA…

Capacities: 50 ml to 200 litres.

Examples of functions: hydraulics, brakes, storage, filtration, pulverization, reserve, windshield washers, fuel, …
Tel. +33 (0)2 33 30 66 66
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